What Is Tactical Gear: Essential Things You Should Know

What Is Tactical Gear: Essential Things You Should Know
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We all love adventure and outdoors. If you are into outdoor activities like wildlife observation, you may want to consider investing in gear that can take some abuse, and for that, nothing gets better than tactical gear. But what is tactical gear?

Well, tactical gear is a valuable piece of equipment which the police and military use to serve their purposes. Of course, hunters and preppers and those on civvy street are also drawn to the robustness of these products, and they use it for everyday life.

What Is Tactical Gear: The Different Types

Tactical gear actually encompasses a wide variety of products, from backpacks and tactical clothing to shoes and accessories.

1. Clothing

Protective eyewear, face shields, pocketed jackets, and bulletproof vests are considered to be tactical clothing. They are designed to protect the user from all kinds of threats such as gunshots and knife attacks. Tactical clothing can also be pockets and pouches for storing all shapes and sizes of tactical equipment.

2. Equipment

Optical equipment such as laser sights, binoculars, and night vision goggles come with a host of features and capabilities. Bags and pouches are made of weather resistant material designed to keep your gear dry. These bags and pouches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Gun holsters too are types of tactical equipment for open or concealed carrying of guns. Owning a gun means having the right accessories to increase the gun’s functionality.

Some of the gun accessories are of the sling type so that you can carry your weapon hands-free. They are available in 1, 2, and point designs.

3. Footwear

You can be sure that tactical footwear is always lightweight with a very movable frame so that you can accelerate and quickly get away from danger. Tactical boots, for instance, are heavy duty shoes designed to cope well in tough terrain and circumstances. Hunters and hikers love these tactical boots too.

You can’t call all boots tactical, though, as there are some features a shoe or boot has to have to call it tactical. It has to be lightweight, breathable, and slip resistant. They should also have quiet soles that don’t give your whereabouts away, as well as provide excellent support around your ankles.

These kinds of footwear also have tough laces that don’t snap under pressure. The boots will also have a toecap of steel or hard plastic to protect your toes. In addition, there will be an insole to cradle and support the bottom of the foot as well as lugs or deep indentations in the rubber outsole to promote stability and safety.

4. Accessories

You’re always faced with danger wherever you are, and tactical accessories are an enhancement to the basic tactical gear you have. Some of these accessories that are all made with the best, most robust materials are helmets, gloves, belts, knives, flashlights, watches, sunglasses, and special socks.

Precision engineering has gone into making these items so that they can endure rough treatment and live to tell the tale. For instance, you’ll get a duty belt which is designed to hold up to 15 pounds of heavy gear and equipment and is compatible with holsters. The belts are also comfortable, designed not to wear out the wearer of the belt, as well as will not chafing and soreness.

Civilian Use of Tactical Gear: What the Law Says

Each state has different state laws. Generally, it is against federal legislation for civilians to pose as military personnel, and they can be fined for this. However, for those who have no intention to pose as an army soldier, no law is being broken.

Many people are already having great fun using military gear for camping and hiking as well as for other purposes. In fact, in the United States of America, military gear has been sold to the public for a long time. There are also supply stores that have been around for a while, selling surplus military gear and even uniforms.

So, yes, tactical pants and headgear are acceptable under the law when the intention isn’t to pretend as being the real military or police.

How to Buy Tactical Gear: Things to Consider

Now that you understand what is tactical gear, you’ll need to do quite a bit of research so that you can understand some of the options you have when buying tactical gear.

1. Threat Levels

There is always a threat, and for the prepper or hunter, for instance, they will want to be protected against rifles, so they need to invest in hard armor that can be inserted into a chest harness. Armor is rated by level, and the higher the level means more types of ammo protection you’ll get. Hard armor is level III, III+ or IV, while soft armor is level IIIa and less.

2. Sizing

Choosing tactical clothing and equipment is all about understanding weight and thickness. Weight is hugely important because even a few pounds can make the difference between whether you can perform a function well or not. The idea is to invest in lightweight clothing and tactical gear.

3. Storage Options

There are many lockers designed exclusively for preppers, hunters, and those in the line of duty. They are available in different versions and can be accessorized to suit your specific needs. These lockers have been designed that way so that you can easily find your equipment when you need it.

When storing your bulky tactical gear, there are different sizes of lockers, going right up to a massive four feet wide. There is also customizable storage for military grade weapons.

4. Price and Quality

Tactical gear can be good while still being inexpensive. A lot of research goes into ensuring tactical gear is practical, robust, and durable. The manufacturers of tactical gear have the technical know-how when it comes to producing the best tactical gear there is, at a good price.

Hence, when you research, you will find high-quality products at affordable prices and all in a variety of models and colors. Just to give you an idea, you can get a survival vest with loads of pockets and pouches in the price region of $150.


It is amazing how pieces of tech gear started off being used by the military and ended up in the hands of civilians. Small-wonder tactical gear is so in demand by civilians, and it can be affordable while being robust and durable.

The clothes are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Additionally, the many different types of gear and accessories can endure aggressive wear and tear. They all provide you with a sense of safety while also being functional, and yes, very fashionable too.

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