Razer Tactical Pro Backpack: A Detailed Review

Razer Tactical Pro Backpack: A Detailed Review
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When a backpack comes from a high-end brand collection, it already means you can make a bold statement with it. Razer is a global leading lifestyle brand for gamers, and their logo is one of the most recognized in the gaming industry. Hence, their well-known and coveted triple-headed snake trademark is indicative of something awesome.

As a multi-award winning maker of high-end PC and console gaming systems and accessories, owning a backpack with their logo on it is guaranteed to get everyone talking. While their Tactical Pro Backpack is pretty good at holding your keys, books, and other items, it can comfortably accommodate a notebook or laptop. Let’s learn more about it now!

Razer Tactical Pro Backpack

To see how outstanding this backpack is, we will discuss some of its key features, as well as its pros and cons.


The things you would expect from the Razer Tactical Pro Backpack are:

  • Plenty of storage: The Razer Tactical Pro Backpack has multi-purpose compartments and pockets. You will find front and side pockets and two large interior compartments. There is also a very important zippered compartment, which can accommodate notebooks or laptops.
  • Robust for all kinds of conditions: This backpack from Razer is made to last since it is made of a tough 1680D ballistic nylon material. Being both tear- and water resistant, it will take you from the city into the jungle if need be.
  • Comfort guaranteed: The bag comes with padded shoulder straps as well as a Velcro modular webbing front. Also, weighing in at around 4.41 pounds, the bag is lightweight, not at all cumbersome. Additionally, its width is 12.608 inches, height is 18.518 inches, and depth is 7.49 inches.
  • Adjustability for added comfort: The backpack is all about adjustability. The nylon straps and plastic clips ensure everything is in its place so that if the backpack was to be turned upside down, everything would remain intact. With its adjustable chest buckle, you can find your comfort levels with ease.
  • Zippered laptop compartment: The zippered compartment for your laptop is lined with a microfiber material for safety. It can accommodate notebooks or laptops with a screen of 17.3 inches. It’s a snug compartment too, and you can know your gadget is safe and sound and protected from scratches and other elements.
  • Headphone case: If you enjoy gaming, you’ll love to know there is also a case specially made for headphones. It is made of molded 1680 ballistic nylon and placed within the main compartment.
  • MOLLE Configured: Both sides of the backpack are identical the way they’ve been configured. A large pocket on both sides is available, and these are accessed through a Velcro flap. Both covers also have MOLLE or Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment type attachment points.
  • Customization: You can reconfigure the backpack as you like and this is thanks to the MOLLE design. The bag also comes with a modular webbing front, and this allows you to customize the bag with most MOLLE pouches. This means you can move the pouches to where you feel they are suitable. They are great for carrying the likes of keys and cell phones.
  • Bonuses: The back of the pouch has nylon straps with Velcro which allows you to secure the pouches to the MOLLE system on the front. At the bottom of the backpack, there is a zippered compartment, and you’ll find it houses a rain cover to protect your entire backpack and all its contents.


  • Big side pockets; can carry a water bottle
  • Military-grade durability and build quality
  • Comfortable to wear for an extended period
  • Less or no strain even when carrying heavy loads
  • Spacious and organized


  • Not enough small pockets to house slim, small items


Practical, adaptable, flexible, and attractive to look at, this backpack from Razer has got so many advantages and nothing really that can be considered a disadvantage. Perhaps one or two really small compartments to hold a couple of medical tablets or a lip-ice or pen might be a good addition. However, that’s really minor.

As a matter of interest, the interior compartment is big enough to throw in some clothes and toiletries for a weekend away. You also won’t worry when you encounter bodies of water or rain since it comes with a waterproof cover. Similarly, carrying it for a long time is not much of a problem since it has a lot of features geared toward the user’s comfort.

Comparison with Other Backpacks

It is imperative that you invest in a quality bag for your getaways and laptops so that all fears about damage fly out the window. When you do research, you’ll find many backpacks in the market, and a bag which is fairly similar to the Razer is the Thule Crossover Backpack.

The backpack is made of nylon and available in serviceable black and cobalt. It has also been designed for comfort and has perforated EVA shoulder straps with mesh covering. The bag also has a padded back panel, but only has a 25-liter capacity.

Similar to Razer, water-resistant fabrics and zippers make for a lightweight bag which is easily transportable. It also comes with a host of compartments, and there are two side mesh pockets which can also hold a water bottle. Unlike the roomy Razer backpack that can house a 17.3-inch laptop, the Thule manages a 15” MacBook Pro or PC.

Another bag that caught our attention is the SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Backpack. It is similar to the Razer in that it also caters for a 17” laptop and made with weather-resistant 1200D ballistic polyester to withstand harsh conditions.

When you compare the three backpacks, the Razer has rugged looks and special compartments that make it more versatile and functional.


In your lifetime, you surely have tried a lot of bags. You may have been disappointed or satisfied, but you will surely end up appreciating everything the Razer Tactical Pro Backpack offers.

The manufacturer made sure that this sturdy backpack is not just tuned in to adventurers, but also to gamers. Even if you’re feverish and pulling your water bottle out all the time to hydrate, you can be sure that all the separated pockets and compartments keep your high-tech gadgets and items dry and safe.

The material, multiple compartments, user comfort, customization, style, and brand, these are all key features that ensure you have a quality and stylish backpack. Definitely, the Razer Tactical Pro Backpack ticks off all of those!


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